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Uploading Files to DanSo Dental Lab Server

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Upload queue | Depends on your internet, sometimes taking a time to complete upload process. Please wait for a time.

    Type Name and Email address to give your contact information, and send us a message about who the patient is.
    Click the Proceed to upload button to access our file upload service. Once the page has loaded, simply drag and drop your file (max size is 1GB per user) into the dash lined-box area or click Select files to select your file in your computer browser. and then click ‘Start Upload.’
    When transfer is completed, you will get a confirmation email and our representative will contact to you shortly.

    Click to check your internet speed!

    Caution !! we recommend to use general internet service provider. If you internet speed is low or unstable, you cannot upload any digital file or be disconnected during uploading.
    If you want to check your speed, please click left button to check your internet speed. We recommend to use at least 1MB Up with T1 line or 5MB Up with general Internet Service line.

    Upload Process Manual

    Need to ensure we receive the case right now? Follow the list instructions below when you upload!

    Type your information

    You need to type your information correctly.


    1. Name / Folder : it will be your identification on DANSO Dental Lab’s file upload system.
    2. Email : to confirm your upload and need it to contact to you.
    3. Upload message : Please type your information – Your contact information / Patient information and anything need to be updated.

    Click 'Proceed to upload'

    If you type correctly, please click ‘Proceed to upload’ button to load upload system.
    If you did not type E-mail and Name, it will not proceed.

    Type your information

    Click ‘Select files’ or Drag & Drop files to upload onto DANSO Upload System.


    • Max upload size : you can upload max 1GB file.
    • Limitation : there is no limitation for file type. Literally, you can upload any digital scan file or type.
    • Warning : If you upload corrupt files, it will be deleted by system automatically. Also, if you upload virus-infected file, the system will automatically report your IP/Internet address to ISP (Internet Service Provider). Please remember these issues. If you upload infected files and then get block/disconnect/ any unpleasant situation, DANSO Dental will not have any legal responsibilities.

    Check the status before uploading

    If you did correctly, you will see the Upload queue with your file name on status bar.
    Now, it is a time to upload file, please click Start Upload button to upload files onto DANSO Dental Upload System.

    Uploading Procedure

    If your file is correct and internet is okay, you will see a progress bar on Upload queue with Color bar process.

    After uploading procedure

    upload6 upload7
    If your uploading is done, the DANSO uploading system will check the file status automatically – File corruption, virus infection and more. Please wait more until ‘Check mark’ showing.

    Uploading is done

    When upload is done, you will see a check mark on the status bar. Congratulations !! Your uploading is done and you just need to leave this page or close your browser.
    If your uploading file is okay, you will get an automatic confirmation E-mail sooner. But, if your file is wrong, our representative will contact you shortly based on your given information.
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