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DanSoDental Lab with Abutment Selection

Custom Abutments or Stock Abutments
The clinical benefits of patient-specific implant abutments have been well documented in the dental literature. A prefabricated “stock” abutment lacks the flexibility in form to address the unique challenges, individual complexities, and esthetic demands of a given case.
In the majority of implant cases, the patient is best served by an abutment specifically tailored to the natural emergence profile of the tooth being replaced, the morphology of adjacent and opposing dentition, the presence of any defects, and proper support of the eventual restoration, among other clinical factors.
To provide optimal function and esthetics, stock abutments must often be modified by the lab to establish suitable height, margins, and path of insertion, which can vary, depending on the location and angulation of implant placement. Not only does this modification process provide a less than ideal emergence profile, but the cost is often as much or more than the cost of a custom abutment.
A prefabricated implant abutment is often viewed as the most immediate, least expensive option for restoring implant cases. But a patient-specific abutment that takes into consideration the unique anatomical qualities of the patient’s edentulous space will, in most situations, provide more reliable function and more natural esthetics, maximizing long-term health and performance.
As technological advancements decrease the costs associated with the design and manufacture of digital custom solutions, clinician demand for traditional cast and stock abutments is rapidly waning in favor of CAD/CAM precision and efficiency. Available for most major implant systems, Danso Custom Abutments consistently deliver the high quality that clinicians expect.
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