CAD / CAM Hybrid Ti + Zir

Titanium interface mates with implant
Titanium shoulder for screw seat
Eliminates potential of graying of sort tissue
Ideal substructure for all ceramic restorations
Site specific design on every implant

DanSoDental Lab with Cad / Cam Ti + Zir

The hybrid abutment is an individually milled Zirconia abutment which is bonded to the Ti base. The shape,emergence profile and esthetic properties of this abutment can be ideally adjusted to the clinical situation.
Given the lifelike appearance of Zirconia, the esthetic possibilities are virtually limitless, particularly in the anterior region. Due to the individual characterization, a lifelike appearance is achieved near the root and the transition area to the crown. With the preparation margin of the crown located on the gingival level, the geometry of the
hybrid abutments allows for an easy integration of the restoration. Excess cementation material is therefore easily removed.
The milled Zirconia structure is extraorally bonded to a Ti base with Multilink Hybrid Abutment, then screwed into place in the oral cavity and finally provided with a permanent IPS e.max CAD crown. Given the convenient fabrication of the hybrid abutment, the process is time-saving and flexible.

Hybrid Abutment Crown

Hybrid abutment crowns are characterized by combining abutment and monolithic crown in one piece. This is an efficient two-in-one solution made of lithium disilicate (LS2) or Zirconia, which is directly bonded to a Ti base.
Zirconia or lithium disilicate glass-ceramics provide for strength, durability and efficiency, particularly in the posterior region. Moreover, the material offers well-known esthetic properties, allowing restorations to be simply characterized.
The monolithically milled hybrid abutment crown is reliably and extraorally bonded to the Ti base by means of Multilink Hyrid Abutment. Then, the restoration is screwed onto the implant – in one piece. Subsequently, the screw access channel is sealed with a composite material (e.g. Tetric EvoCeram®). If required, the screw can be accessed at any time, which affords the dental team clinical flexibility.
CAD/CAM hybrid abutment crowns are a new, economically attractive alternative to conventional implant-supported restorations, particularly for the posterior region, where strength, durability and convenient clinical handling matter.

CAD/CAM Hybrid Ti+Zi Features


  • DanSo Cad / Cam Hybrid Ti + Zir Abutment consists of a customized coping and an abutment which are adhesively connected
  • DanSo Cad / Cam Hybrid Ti + Zir Abutment is specifically designed for more flexibility and efficiency in the treatment process: adapts to the patient’s specific oral situation


  • The coping is also available in reduced tooth form and can be directly cemented
  • Sixteen different shades are available


Precisely engineered engaging mechanism between DanSo Cad / Cam Hybrid Ti + Zir and coping is designed for a precise connection and optimal force distribution.
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