Lava Plus (Layered / Solid)


Outstanding esthetics

Beautifully durable

Incredibly strong and versatile

Easy adjustments and cementation

All Ceramics Lava Plus (Layered / Solid)

DanSo Dental Lab’s LAVA Plus Zirconia can be chemically similar, but once processed the mechanical and optical properties can be significantly different. Lava™ Zirconia has now been commercially available for 10 years.
DanSo Dental Lab’s Lava Plus Zirconia offers the esthetics of a layered restoration in all-zirconia, allowing for the creation of strong, esthetic restorative masterpieces. Compared to other zirconia, the patented formula of Lava Plus provides significantly higher translucency, without compromising strength.
The Lava™ Plus system provides excellent monolithic esthetics and offers significantly higher translucency than Lava™ Zirconia without compromising strength. This feature clearly enhances the natural look and makes Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia a top performer among monolithic zirconia restorations.
The material also lets you use all options for esthetic layered restorations. With many shading systems, a lot of trial and error is required to successfully match colors. The Lava™ Plus system, by contrast, gives you accurate and reliable results without any additional tools. The precise color match of the eighteen pre-mixed Dyeing Liquids ensures predictable and precise results.

Lava Plus (Layered)

  • Processed differently with a trade-secret formulation designed to enhance the translucency, marginal fit and strength
    • Excellent marginal fit that has been clinically documented
    • Optimal strength and translucency
  • Industrial Manufactured Zirconia “Made in Germany”
  • European certified quality control process

Lava Plus (Solid)

  • The patented shading system enables highly esthetic all-zirconia or traditionally layered restorations.
  • Excellent color match to the VITA® Classical Shade Guide and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® Shades.
  • High strength allows tooth-preserving ≤0.5mm minimum wall thickness – requiring 3X less occlusal preparation than lithium disilicate glass ceramic because of it’s 3X greater strength.
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