Full Metal Crown

Proven high strength

Long-lasting durability

Easy preparation and placement

Won't chip or crack

DanSoDental Lab with Full Metal Crown Non-Precious

Non-precious metals have tremendous durability and are non-reactive. These characteristics make them a preferred material for dental crowns. Metal crowns offer outstanding longevity and most often used for molars where they will not be as visible.
Indications : Crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays where there is limited occlusal room.
Cemetation : Traditional cementation

Key features


  • Single Crowns
  • 3/4 Crown
  • Bridge
  • Inlay / Onlay


  • Longest lasting fixed restoration
  • Will not fracture
  • Certified Bio-compatible


Nickel Based Non-Precious/Base Metal Alloy
Manufacturer: NEODONTICS INC.
Product: FORMULA 45 + Ti
Alloy: Ni 74%, Cr 14%, Mo 10%, Be 1.65%, Co Ti Balance < 1%
FDA / ADA Certified
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