Titanium Cr / Co

Full Metal Crown

Economic price and good quality

Imported metal alloy

Fast process

DanSoDental Lab with Full Metal Crown Titanium (Cr-Co)

Cobalt-Chromium (CoCr) is a Non-precious, Low-coast alternative to create individual crowns and multi-tooth bridges.
  • Highly bio-compatible (Nickel free)
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and heat
  • 10 micron knife edge margin right off the machine
  • CE certified material
  • Single crowns to 16 unit bridges


  • Economic price with good quality
  • Be suited for posterior teeth
  • Full-metal crowns have the chief virtue of being nearly indestructible, since they have no porcelain veneer
  • This type of crown is used almost exclusively on back teeth, except when the patient requests a gold front tooth
  • Metal allergies and gum black line are avoided effective
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