White Gold (High Noble)

Full Metal Crown

Stable and Safe



DanSoDental Lab with Full Metal Crown White Gold (High Noble)

High Noble White Gold provides all the advantages of High Noble Yellow. This product is ideal for single crowns and short span bridges.
Not so often used in this days due to the lack of a cosmetic view. This crowns are usually recommended by the dentist when the patient presents a occlusal trauma or there is a lack of space between top and bottom tooth in order to fit the crown.


Great strength

Having a metal crown break is an extremely rare event.

Superior longevity

No other type of crown can be expected to provide more lasting service.

Good biocompatibility

They will not cause excessive wear on opposing teeth or dental restorations.

Superior fit

No other type of crown construction exceeds the crown-to-tooth fit possible with an all-metal.

Less tooth reduction

Slightly less tooth grinding is need for an all-metal as opposed to an all-ceramic or porcelain-fused-to metal crown.
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