Yellow Gold (Noble)

Full Metal Crown

Extremely durable and long-lasting

Gentle on opposing teeth

Strong even when thin

Cementation process is less sensitive

DanSoDental Lab with Full Metal Crown Yellow Gold (Noble)

Our yellow gold noble crowns, inlays or gold onlays are available along with complete lab services to fit your specific requirements. Remember to remind your patients of the value full gold crown restorations gives them.
  • Economic price with same yellow gold color crown
  • Superior bio-compatibility
  • Plaque resistance
  • Unparalleled strength & durability
  • Longevity
  • Over a century of clinical success
  • Wide range of alloy choices

Yellow Gold (Noble)


(2% AU, 40%PD, 25.4%SILVER, 0.1% Platinum)
This Noble alloy suits short span bridges and full cast crowns while remaining easily polishable. Aurident YX is the most economical yellow alloy crown on the market. Enjoy all of the qualities of yellow alloy but at a fraction of the cost with Aurident YX.
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