Dentsply Eclipse®

Heat & Seat™

Hard / Soft Nightguards

Prosthetic resin System

DanSoDental Lab with Dentsply Eclipse® Night Guard

Made with Eclipse® Resilient Soft Resin and Eclipse® Clear Baseplate Resin, it features a hard outer layer to provide a firm occlusal surface, and a thermoplastic Resilient inner lining to aid in delivery and retention. Please call for further questions at 858-278-1750.
Hard outer layer is durable and sparking clear
Soft Inner layer rests comfortably against the teeth and gums
Eclipse® Prosthetic Resin System is a revolutionary new method for making dentures. With Eclipse®, denture fabrication is extremely simplified, since the lost wax technique is no longer required and there is no need for investing, flasking and boiling-out. Instead of using wax, dentures are directly built-up with three layers of Eclipse® resin (Base Plate, Set-up and Contour Resin). After a successful try-in, dentures are directly processed. All three Eclipse® resins are MMA-free and handle like wax. The cured resins show outstanding aesthetics and exhibit good mechanical properties.
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